Monday, February 22, 2010

CAYLIE and a visit to Cox Mill

This is CAYLIE on a recent visit to Candace's classroom at Cox Mill Elementary. Candace has LANIE and is waiting on LILLY. Candace has a multi-handicapped classroom with wonderful children.

When CAYLIE and I arrived, the kids were having speech. Later they read a book and had assisted technology to help them interact as she read. The kids are really funny at times and are so lovable. CAYLIE laid on the floor for about half an hour with Josh who pulled on her and tried to chew her ID badge. She loved it and laid all over him. He was very comfortable with her and eventually fell asleep. CAYLIE is very patient and tolerant.

Later some 5th grade girls came to the classroom and read to CAYLIE. It took her about five minutes to settle and get comfortable with them, but then she was great. We stayed for two hours and plan to return often.

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